Forensic Services

About Computer Forensics

Computer forensics involves the preservation, identification, extraction, interpretation, and documentation of computer evidence. In many cases, the information gathered during a computer forensics investigation is not viewable by the average computer user. This includes items like deleted files and fragments of data that can be found in the space allocated for existing files, which is known by computer forensic practitioners as “slack space”, or in empty, unused space on the hard drive known as "unallocated space". Special skills and tools are necessary to be able to obtain this type of information or evidence.

Forensic Examinations and Analysis of User Activity

Heights Digital provides forensic examinations of computers and other digital media. Our forensic expert will preserve your digital evidence and can recover deleted items and uncover hidden, missing or encrypted data that may include emails, text messages, graphics, documents and more. This evidence can be collected from a variety of devices such as computers, cell phones/smart phones, cameras, USB drives and more. Our clients include businesses, private investigators, attorneys and people who want to preserve evidence, recover lost data, uncover employee sabotage, document sexual harassment via email or text messages, identity theft of company secrets or simply uncover what others may be using their computer for. Heights Digital can provide reports on all user activity inluding, but not limited to, electronic mail, internet sites visited, files created and deleted, as well as files downloaded and other activities performed on the computer.

Data Recovery

Heights Digital Services can recover your lost data. Our forensic expert can take your unresponsive, unreadable or otherwise non-accessible storage device and recover all of your files, documents, pictures and other important data. We also specialize in recovering data that has been accidentally deleted from your computer or storage device. Whether you accidentally reformatted the device, or all of your data seems to have simply disappeared after a hardware or software crash, give us a call to see if we can recover it for you.

Data Wiping

Heights Digital Services understands that many businesses have computers and copy machines containing sensitive, proprietary, and or confidential data such as Attorney-Client information, HIPAA, or Intellectual Property. When it comes time to give the computer to another user or before returning or deadlining copy machine equipment and getting rid of it, Heights Digital will securely wipe all data from your computer or copy machine's hard drive and verify that all data has been overwritten and that no data remains on the hard drive. Heights Digital Services will return the cleaned drive and/or the certificate of data cleansing. We also offer secure destruction in conjunction with data wiping services.

Encrypted or Password Protected Files

In many cases, Encrypted files or password protected files can be decrypted. We use several tools and techniques to access these files.